Shagbark Day Nursery

 665 Orange Center Road

Orange, CT 06477 


About Shagbark Nursery





Our namesake at Shagbark Day Nursery

is the Shagbark tree ­- strong, sturdy, resilient!

These are qualities that we envision in children and that evolve from the caring and nurturing environment of our center.  Shagbark's approach to day care is to provide a "home away from home"-- somewhere safe and comfortable where both children and parents can feel secure.

Our daily schedule encourages happy children through self-expression, and allows for learning and development at your child's own pace.  Children at Shagbark are allowed to be children.

Our Center is Warm and Cozy...

We have very low employee turnover at Shagbark so your child can depend on seeing a familiar face daily.  By limiting our enrollment, we are able to provide more individual attention to our children.  There is always someone there when your child needs a lap to sit on, a hand to hold, a smile to share or a tear to dry.

Our staff/child ratio for toddlers twelve months to three years of age is one staff member for every 3 to 4 children.  Our ratio for pre-schoolers three to five years of age is one staff member for every 7 to 8 children.

Our center is small enough to be cozy and warm, yet large enough to allow for social­ization and friendship to develop.  All our play toys are carefully selected to encourage educational and intellectual development and our equipment meets stringent safety standards.



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